Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday.  Here’s why I think he’s such a great guy:

He married me AFTER I was diagnosed with PD.

He’s really, really, really smart but if you ask him he’ll tell you he’s not (Well, he’ll admit to smart without the really, really, really).

He loves baseball.

He knows the bands I’m going to love before I even hear them.

He has super great friends he has met through his love of music and they let me hang out with them sometimes.

He’s mostly right (some of the time).

He buys the most perfect gifts.  Somehow he knows exactly what I want or need even if I don’t realize it yet.

He’s a great listener.

He really understands me.

He puts up with my insane family.


He’s a funny guy.  Really, I admit it.

Happy Birthday, Chris!  I  love you.