Do you ever wonder what’s really out there?  I read, a lot.  I’ll read almost anything but every once in a while I get on a fantasy/scifi kick.  I love the idea of alternate universes.  I love the idea of rips in the space-time continuum.  I love the idea that there might be another me out there in a slightly different universe that does the things I like to do but maybe without the Parkinson’s…and maybe she’s thinner too.  Hey, it’s my imaginary universe.

My mom and I had a conversation this weekend about angels.  She believes in them and I don’t.  I don’t understand why so many people believe in angels but then say that they don’t believe in ghosts.  I know some angels where never human.  But at the same time popular songs and modern lore often speak of the dead becoming angels.  If they are dead isn’t that basically a ghost?  Cannot ghosts be helpful?  Or is this a trait particular to angels?  How can I be expected to believe in one and not the other?

Okay, so I believe in ghosts.  But not angels, or maybe I think that they are the same thing.

So I believe in tears in the space-time continuum and ghosts but not so much aliens.  I do believe that the universe is too big for Earth to be the only planet with intelligent life but I don’t think that we have been visited by any of those extra-terrestrial life forms.  Sorry, Area-51 geeks.

All this makes me slightly insane, don’t you think?  I’m okay with it.  If only I could put my over-active imagination on paper.